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Addressing future growth for Technology Integrated Solutions (TIS)

TIS approached Mr. Shelf for smart cost effective storage solutions that will address their current and future requirements and growth. To optimize their warehouse space, increase stock flow efficiency and improve product rotation & management, Mr. Shelf installed a multiple bay high pallet racking solution.

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Optimizing warehouse space for Schenck Process Africa (Pty) Ltd

To accommodate their continued growth, Schenck Process Africa (Pty) Ltd approached Mr. Shelf to simplify and optimize the space in one of their warehouses. Our High Pallet Racking solution addresses their need for storage of bulk items whereas our Light Duty racking solution creates the effective storage for their small parts.

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Making space work for Enza Zaden South Africa

The international vegetable seed company Enza Zaden from the Netherlands has officially launched its operations in South Africa. Space optimization was key for Enza Zaden and we at Mr. Shelf provided them with a Light Duty Racking solution to make their space work for them.

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Optimizing your Warehouse to Maximize Space and Efficacy

Optimizing your Warehouse

Warehouse and distribution Center managers constantly face the challenge to efficiently utilize space and therefore reduce costs. When you run out of space in your warehouse, the choices are clear. You can add new space or you can create more space in your current facility. The most practical, low-cost solution is to find and use the hidden space in your warehouse.

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