Making space work for Enza Zaden South Africa

The international vegetable seed company Enza Zaden from the Netherlands has officially launched its operations in South Africa.

Enza Zaden began making their mark more than twenty years ago in South Africa and today the company is a well-known brand with leading vegetable growers. Space optimization was key for Enza Zaden and we at Mr. Shelf provided them with a Light Duty Racking solution to make their space work for them.

As Storage, Shelving and Racking experts with over 30 years of experience in the field we provide a vast range of solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Our range of products and solutions cater for small companies looking for shelving units or a light duty rack to organisations requiring more integrated high bay automation racking solutions, new mezzanine floors to optimize an area or high density filing systems to maximise a space.

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