Stack Mould Large

Large Stack Mould Crate

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  • These Stack Mould crates are compatible with existing KLTs and R-KLTs in the market.
  • Durable as are designed specifically for the automotive industry and related heavy industries. The ribs on the side walls give it added strength.
  • Smooth base so is compatible with conveyor systems.
  • Designed to be compatible with automatic lifting.
  • Handles for manual lifting and handling.
  • Lid available.
  • Does not have cross stacking features.
  • Two R-KLT4329s stack onto a single R-KLT6429 .
  • Can be printed and RFID compatible (within the handle).
  • Single walled.
  • Smooth base.
  • No drainage holes.
  • Location for Kanban Holders (spring clip held).