Pallet Shuttle Racking



The Pallet Shuttle Racking system optimises floor space while increasing productivity.

When it comes to choosing the best high density storage solution for your business, there are a number of critical factors to consider;


  • Space availability
  • Throughput and SKU counts
  • These all play an important role in selecting the RIGHT storage solution for your operation.

The Pallet Shuttle outperforms other dense storage products by providing the greatest density while maximising productivity and maintaining selectivity.


  • Maximise Density – up to 6-high and 50 pallet positions deep
  • Increase Productivity & Selectivity – vs. Bulk storage, push-back or drive-in
  • Reduce operating costs including removal of unnecessary lighting
  • Ideal for both FIFO and LIFO applications
  • Optimise labour efficiencies
  • Enhance accuracy of inventory control


  • Can be designed to take Euro pallets, UK pallets 1200mm wide but also 1000mm wide.
  • Tolerances in the racking are greater due to the way the drive is put through the shaft.
  • Robust design – Stainless steel top, hard wearing and durable
  • Regenerative braking gives greater battery life
  • Proven pallet counting function
  • Greater pallet deflection tolerances of up to 50mm as opposed to approx 25mm which makes it unlikely for the satellite to get stuck under the pallet
  • Battery low function. Once the battery is nearly discharged it will finish its current cycle and return to its home base


  • The Pallet Shuttle is an ideal storage solution for a variety of applications:
  • Any high volume – low SKU operation
  • Freezer & cooler facilities – high cost per cubic foot
  • Food processing & beverage distribution
  • Production staging areas
  • Deep lane LIFO or FIFO systems