Adjustable Shelving

A light duty shelving system with adjustable clip-in shelves.

Boltless shelving is quickly installed and provides versatile storage applications. It is easily assembled, without the need for screws or professional installers. What’s more, it can be readily expanded to accommodate growing storage needs.

Thanks to its versatile and flexible nature, boltless shelving can be fully installed without the need for complex tools – perfect if you’re short on time and need to quickly expand your storage solutions. Our clip-in shelf system is an innovative modular design that will save you time, hassle and money.

This type of shelf can accommodate loads of up to 90 kg and total bay load of up to 800 kg. This type of boltless shelving is an ideal choice for day to day standard storage. In order to adapt to ever-changing needs, these shelves are height adjustable and can be altered in increments of 25 mm.

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