Pallet Racking & Support Beams



This Static Pallet Racking system allows full selectivity and speed of operation which is the main objective. Pallets are fully accessible allowing easy access by Forklift or Reach Truck.

A vast variety beam and frame sizes are available, each graded to your specific requirements. Beam levels can be easily adjusted to suit your specific pallet height. Safety accessories include Upright and Row End Protectors, which ensure additional protection and safety. Racking can include Drum cradles, Pre-Galvanised or Powder Coated Steel Decks, Timber Decking and Skid Channels.

The Static Pallet System

  • Random Access
  • Total Space Utilisation – 60%
  • Selectivity – Random Access, High Volume
  • Space vs. Economy – Good
  • Maintenance Costs – Low
  • Direct Access to Goods – 100%
  • System Finish – Powder Coated or Pre-Galvanisd